CENTER for the ARTS

Please Donate!

The CENTER for the ARTS Academy greatly from donations. We thank all those benefactors who have given donations to the Academy. All Students who have benefited from your generosity appreciate you greatly!

Benefactor to the Arts - As an individual who makes a charitable donation to the CENTER for the ARTS you are considered a Benefactor to the Arts and you can be proud of the fact that great affordable education and performance opportunities are available to our community partly because of you!

How will my Donation be used?
We are presently in need of musical equipment including: Stage gear, keyboards, a mixer piano, recording equipment and software updates. Good equipment is expensive but we try to buy in the mid-range to be as frugal with our assets as possible.  

Besides Office Rent and Salaries - Internet Service, Web Hosting and Printing Services, Security, Insurance and Advertising remain the Academy's greatest expenses. With careful management these things are provided for by student tuition and love offerings. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION!!

How Much do I Donate?
You may donate any amount. No minimum.

How Do I  Donate?
Use the Donate button below for Credit Card or PayPal

Thank You for Your Generosity!

Our Benefactors are our HEROES!
Or - Write Checks to CFA and hand to the director or mail to:
3840 N Monroe St, Suite 100
Tallahassee, FL 32303


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